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Our story begins in the fall of 1995…

…when DJ and future entrepreneur, Bryan Podworny, dreamed of something more from what was an amazing part time job. DJing was a way of life, and a major focus and influence on everything he did. It was time to take the steps to brave it out and pave a new path.

Expressions was born in January of 1996, having its start at a little bar at the Carberry Motor Inn. Since then, Expressions has gone through a variety of updates and internal renovations. From the early days of 12 staff and the ability to DJ at 3 bars and 5-6 weddings on any given night, there was always a thought that this could be so much more.

Then, around the year 2007, came Peter Merry’s book, “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!” Mind. Blown! Suddenly, there were SO many new and exciting possibilities. The Expressions slogan of “more than just music” rang truer than ever, and it was time for the real work to start.

For the final time, the company was stripped down completely. Everything was put under review, and EVERYTHING was reimagined, re-engineered & improved. Quality of service was the ONLY priority. IT was time to pivot. It was time to be more.

The company was to become much more “hands on” than ever before, with becoming the Master of Ceremonies a massive priority. Bryan sought out training with Mark and Rebecca Ferrell of Marbecca Entertainment, taking all three levels of MC training workshops, as well as what has now become an Expressions staple feature, The Love Story.

Education was the key, and there has been lots of it! From attending over 10 Mobile Beat Conferences in Las Vegas, to the Wedding MBA, to the Entertainment Experience, there has been a constant focus of looking forward, staying positive, and learning everything out there. There has been personality training with Vickie Musni of Reno, Nevada, and time spent at Toast Masters, and technical training on lighting and audio.

Once the platform was set, and the entertainment model gained momentum, there was call for the company to once again grow into a multi-op. The search for talented DJs and MCs began, and before long, the current team was built. Jim Brereton, Jared Weir & Chris Falko each bring a unique personality to the Expressions craft, & they have added much needed life to every event they entertain at.

Expressions has become the trend setter in the area. Tried, tested and true, Expressions has become a beacon in the Westman entertainment scene. DJ & MC entertainers serving all of Southern Manitoba & South Eastern Saskatchewan, Expressions helps create successful, FUN events. Long known for revolutionizing DJ entertainment in the area, the experienced team works at constantly creating and innovating – ensuring ALL our clients have THE BEST EVENT EVER.

Expressions is one third of 204 Event Production, which in conjunction of Katrina Sigurdson (Party Professionals) & Britt Lawson Corbett (Marketing), has developed Western Manitoba’s premier and longest running wedding show, the Westman Wedding Expo, and a variety of other well executed events such as the Central Canadian Wedding Conference. Being a part of the community has been exceptionally important. For nearly a decade, Expressions Entertainment has been the primary DJ and MC choice for the United Way Brandon & District, running all of their events as volunteers. Fun lunches, campaigns, special events; Expressions does everything possible to make the community better.

DJs. MCs. Game Show Production. Lighting Specialists. PA and Sound Suppliers. Insured and licensed. The Expressions team will work with you to organize your event, create FUN and unique memories, and entertain like no other.

You just found your DJ.

The team

Bryan Podworny

Born in Dauphin, Bryan grew up on a ¼ section of land and enjoyed bike riding and everything to do with the farm. DJing was in his blood, and while in grade 10, he started playing teen and Jr High dances. A graduate of the DRCSS, he learnt rhythm guitar (with lots of room for improvement) by hanging out withhis best friend and his dad.  At the age of 19, he moved to Brandon.

He tried different jobs, from warehousing to radio personalitymobile DJing was always his passion. After starting his own company in 1996, he led it through a variety of stages. Once MCing became a major componenthe was able to take Expressions to new, exciting placesbuilding a team of incredible talent.

Bryan enjoys everything in the business, from entertaining crowds to creating beautiful lighting displays.  He’s volunteered all kinds of services to the United Way (Brandon & District), and enjoys all the time he can muster with family and friends. Most of all, Bryan loves LOVE.  Love makes the world better, and he knows the world can use more of it.

When asked, Bryan said “There is magic available in every moment, and when you pay attention, a DJ or MC can make that magic happen.  Nothing feels better than knowing you’ve done absolutely everything you can to make an event that much better.  The client deserves it.  Their guests deserve it. We have anopportunity to give it to them.”

Jared Weir

Brandon born, this Neelin High School graduate spent some of those impressionable years in Ontario.  He spent grade 6 through 10 at schools in Borden and Alliston, ON.  His musical lifestyle began by banging on any kind of drum he could find. When it comes to singing, he says that he’s “probably half decent!”

Jared has always loved music, as well as dances and social events.  In high school, he was the social convenor on his student council.  Part of his duties included planning dances and booking DJs, so the jump to actually being a DJ was natural.

Since those early days, he’s played the whole spectrum of event types, from weddings to club gigs.  His strong points are beat matching and mixing, and he has a vast knowledge of musical styles, which allows him to be a diverse, open format DJ.

“I love the ability to curate and create a unique musical experience and then being able to share it with people in a celebratory setting.”

Jim Brereton

Jim was born in Hamiota and went to school in Strathclair, all the time playing a variety of sports. Even though he claims to not actually be able to play any instruments, he’s always wanted to learn to play the guitar.  He sings all the time, and was part of the Carberry Multidenominational men’s choir!

Jim’s has always liked to be in front of a crowd; controlling the room by being the MC and working the mic.  Friends with Expressions owner, Bryan, it made the transition to the team easy.

Since joining Expressions Entertainment, he’s become a game show host, as well as been the MC at corporate events, weddings and grads.  His best quality is being on the microphone, talking to the crowd and entertaining.  His greatest talent lies in delivering script and the love story.

Jim says “DJing is not about choosing a few songs.  It is about generating a shared mood for every person listening.  It is about understanding the feelings of a group of people and directing them to a better place.” Well put Jim!